We Need to Talk About the Ending of Dirty Dancing

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  1. Why?
  2. In the universe of the film, it’s impossible for anyone to have heard of this song before, so Johnny Castle is playing a brand new song as his final number. Strictly from a performance standpoint, that’s some…risky business.
  3. Where did Johnny Castle get this song? And he has a vinyl record of it? We’ve seen where he lives. He doesn’t have a record player or records. But he has this one vinyl that no one has ever heard? And it contains musical instruments from the future???
  4. “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” does not in any way sound like the 60’s. There are 80’s songs, and even 2022 songs, that replicate 60’s R&B and Doo Wop. Meghan Trainer made her whole career on it. “Time of My Life” in no single, solitary way, sounds like any song from the 1960s. THE SONG IS FULL OF SYNTHS. It is full of instruments that won’t exist for 20 years.
  5. The crowd would be losing their fucking minds by this point. What are these instruments we’re hearing? THIS IS BEFORE THE BEATLES. For real, The Beatles “started” in America with their performance on the Ed Sullivan show…in February 1964. The crowd at this function barely knows what Rock ‘n Roll is and suddenly their listening to 5th generation synth rock pop?
  6. It completely takes the viewer out of the movie. It’s hilarious. It’s insane in a way I knew but didn’t know the 80’s could be, ya know?




A blog giving high-end takes on the low, low art of pop culture. All with a wink and a nod. From Jordan Mark Sandvig

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The Hiigh Low

A blog giving high-end takes on the low, low art of pop culture. All with a wink and a nod. From Jordan Mark Sandvig

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